iSMARTtrain supports most of the Garmin Forerunner, Edge & Fenix models. (Note that the Forerunner 205, 301 & 305 and Edge 205 & 305 are not supported in this release.)

To download from these models, simply connect the device with the Garmin-supplied USB cable. Some devices will require the use of Garmin Express or Garmin ANT Agent. Once the data has been downloaded using Express or ANT Agent, the data will appear in iSMARTtrain.


iSMARTtrain supports the SRM Powercontrol V, VI, VII & PC8.

Connect the Powercontrol with the SRM-supplied cable and the device will appear in iSMARTtrain.


Cervo a.k.a Little Yellow Computer

You need the PowerTap USB cradle and the drivers from here. These are the same drivers that ship with Cyclops PowerAgent software, so, if you have this installed, you should already have the drivers installed.

Joule 2.0, Joule 3.0 & Joule GPS

Connect the Joule device with a USB cable and the device will appear in iSMARTtrain.