iSMARTtrain V3.0
Smart Training Solution for Your Mac
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What is iSMARTtrain?

iSMARTtrain is a powerful and flexible application that allows all levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to get the most from their training and racing. It allows you to easily and quickly track your training, monitor your progress, and built a history of your training. You can manually enter your data or download from your heart rate monitor or power meter.

Download your Data

iSMARTtrain allows you to download from your Polar and Garmin Heart Rate Monitors, PowerTap, SRM and Ergomo Power systems. Details of the supported devices are here.

Data can also be imported other applications such as Garmin Training Centre, Saris PowerAgent and Polar PPP. You can download and review your performance during training and racing.

All Your Data in One Application

The software lets you keep all you training data in one place. Data can be imported from PowerTap, Garmin Edge & Forerunner and Suunto devices and kept in one application. No more switching software to look at your session data!

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TRIMP is a method of quantifying the intensity of your training. You can view the data to see how your training load has varied over the weeks or months.

Developed in Conjunction with Joe Beer

Development work on the software has been carried out in conjunction with leading sports scientist, coach and writer Joe Beer (, author of Need To Know Triathlon, inaugural 220 Magazine Coach of the Year and coach to National, European and World Champions. Joe has provided valuable input to the software, both from a scientific and coaching aspect. Future releases will continue to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Track your calories

Using our Keyword feature, you can track the amount of calories you burn during training. The calories can be automatically added from your heart rate monitor.