Polar RS800cx and MAC OS

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Re: Polar RS800cx and MAC OS

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Caesar wrote:Hi Stuart, It did not work yesterday, but after a resume from sleep mode it worked today - computers are strange...
Thanks for the answer
I suspect that there's some issues with the Apple IrDA driver. I don't think that IrDA comms are a priority for them these days!



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IT WORKS !!!! Re: Polar RS800cx and MAC OS

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I had left my RS800 appart because these times I do much more cycling with a CS200 that connect flawlessly to ismarttrain with SonicLink
This week it was not possible do take the bike so I took the shoes and the RS800.
Just to check I tried ISmartTrain 3.0.7 with the old Belkin F5U230.. and.. surprise It worked immediatly !!
There are a few mistakes (Minimum HR used in place of average) but overall it is great !!

Congratulations Stuart !!

MacBook Pro 15" 2,5Ghz core 2 duo
OS X 10.5.4
iSmartTrain v3.0
Polar RS800sd

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