S520 HR distribution

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S520 HR distribution

Post by Dirk »

Hello Everyone,

I am using a S520 and everything worked fine until I updated to V3 of iSMARtrain. When I download my session into ismarttrain the HR distribution is at 33% for all 3 HR zones. I have to export the session into a HRM file and import it back to get the correct HR distribution and graph. Any idea how to get this fixed?


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Re: S520 HR distribution

Post by sirjemo »

Hi Dirk - Sorry I can't help at all but I've posted a question about the same problem (I think) in Discussions (titled "Only 3 HR zones in summary"). I am also using Polar s520. Anyway, we should keep an eye on each other's posts to see if we can solve the problem.

One workaround I use is to go to manage users/hr zones then make one adjustment, then put it back. As soon as you leave iST offers you the chance to 'recalculate' and then it reads the values properly.


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