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Support for Garmin Colorado & Oregon

Posted: Fri May 15, 2009 6:12 am
by dmsaban
These units use the same HRMs to the Forerunner/Edge models, but there is no support for them in the Garmin training center. Garmin "RoadTrip" does not have the ability to display HR data in "track properties", apparently like "MapSource".

From the Garmin FAQ:
Question: Can I upload data from a Garmin heart rate monitor or GSC10 speed/cadence sensor from my Colorado to Garmin Training Center or Garmin connect?
Colorado supports real time display from these devices, plus heart rate and cadence data is saved in the track log. Currently, Garmin Connect does not support charting of this data but it is logged in each individual track point and can be viewed under track properties in MapSource.

In the future Garmin Connect will accept heart rate and cadence data from Colorado to analyze from a fitness standpoint. Garmin Training Center will not work with the Colorado