Downloaded Sessions - "Cleanup"

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Downloaded Sessions - "Cleanup"

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Hi Stuart,
great product by the way.......been using it for a few months now and have all my historical Polar/Garmin data in one place so have enjoyed using it. Normal requests for enhancements......iphone etc but keep up the good work.

My question is around cleaning out the list of old downloaded files that are stored in the software. I have long deleted the actual sessions from my device history but the always appear in italics in the downloaded sessions window with some ticked and others not. So I have to do a select none and re-select the ones I want to download. How do I "flush" this list out so it no longer appears and can keep it clean going forward with just "new data from my device" to upload? It seems particularly problematic with my Garmin 310XT.


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Re: Downloaded Sessions - "Cleanup"

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The problem with deleting the data from the 310xt is that the data is stored in a folder within the Garmin ANT Agent application, which provides the 'conduit' to download into iSMARTtrain.

The problem is that iSMARTtrain doesn't know if the files in that folder have already been uploaded to the Garmin Connect site. If the software deletes them, then it'll cause problems for the ANT Agent software when it tried to upload them.

The 310xt device itself should start deleting the oldest files on it as it fills up without you having to do anything.



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