Graph Not Showing Data

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Graph Not Showing Data

Post by rperks »


I am currently using the evaluation/Beta version and I have entered a couple of my runs. When I look at the graph below, I was expecting to see some HR data on it?

Also, I can't see a way to track things like average HR over time? The distribution graph only seems to show the last or selected session

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Re: Graph Not Showing Data

Post by Stuart »

Hi Rich,
The attachment doesn't seem to have uploaded correctly, so I'm not sure exactly what you're seeing. If it's the 'sessions' graph that shows your sessions per week or month over time, then all you will see there is the actual sessions.

If you're looking at the 'Data Graph', then you ships see the HR dtat downloaded from your device - I'm not sure if you're manually entering data, or downloading it from your HRM?



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