Bug - importing from Suunto t6

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Bug - importing from Suunto t6

Post by jfj »

I am using my Suunto t6 and exporting from Suunto Training Manager. After imported to iSMARTtrain, the lap times are all wrong - a bug? Apart from this all seems to be fine.

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Re: Bug - importing from Suunto t6

Post by TheYoshi »

I'm noticing some issues with the Altitude on a Suunto t6c

My starting data point from the sdf file is:
If I'm not mistaken the number 188 in that line refers to the altitude in meters which puts my starting altitude at 616.79' (suunto training manager reports 616' as starting altitude, interesting that they round down...)

iSMARTtrain is reporting my starting altitude at 2025 ft (no idea where this number is coming from) in the graph and saying I had a total climb of 75 ft (the number is right but the units are wrong, 75 meters is what I actually climbed but in feet that should be 246) oddly enough you'll notice a total climb of 976ft... in the initial summary data, no idea where that is coming from either.

I'm using the latest beta.

Below is a screenshot of my graph summary in iSMARTtrain

(the full image is there just the forum is cutting it off)

Here is the same workout in suunto training manager

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