Timex Ironman Bodylink

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Timex Ironman Bodylink

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Recently got the above with the Data Recorder and i'm having problems importing the data into iSmarttrain.

The software supplied by timex is for windows, i use a Mac and can't find any support for it. The only thing i've managed to find is a program called LoadMyTracks which allows me to access the data on the recorder and save it as a .GPX file.

So far so good

When importing the session in iSmarttrain as a .GPX the software sees the file and allows me to select what type of workout it was. This is where the problem occurs as soon as i click Add ismart crashes leaving this message:

An Error, OutOfBoundsException, has occured.
Stack Trace:


Version 3.0.5

The Application will now quit. Please contact OTAG Technologies (support@otag.co.uk) and let them know what you were doing when the error occured, and the exact wording of this error.

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to import the session.



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