Where are my .hrm file downloads

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Where are my .hrm file downloads

Post by mtbwrx »

I just updated to the newest latest and greatest 3.0. I did get all my old 2.03 files imported flawlessly - thank you very much.
What I can't seem to find is where the location of my downloads are going on my Hard drive.
am I an idiot...
when I upload them to 2.03, they are still there, both versions of the app. download and use the same files source
Mac user - 10.5.3
IR and 720 watch.

thanks Stuart.....

PS: you should come up with some helmet stickers!


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Re: Where are my .hrm file downloads

Post by Stuart »

Hi Mark,
There's no separate .hrm files in V3.0 like there used to be in V2.0. Everything is now stored in a database, to cope with the different units we now support (and will add more in the future). You can, however, export your sessions as .hrm files, using the 'Export' sub-menu in the 'File' menu.



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