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Rusty Smith
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Join Sessions

Post by Rusty Smith »

Hi Stuart.
I am trying to join two sessions, but not exactly sure how to do it. Here is what I have tried:
1) Right click on a session
2) select "join sessions"
3) the "select session" window pops up, I select the first session
4) the context menu pops up again at the top of the page, and I select "join sessions" again
5) I select the second session
6) I get an "out of bounds" error:

An Error, OutOfBoundsException, has occured.
Stack Trace:


Version 3.0.5

The Application will now quit. Please contact OTAG Technologies ( and let them know what you were doing when the error occured, and the exact wording of this error.

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Any ideas what I am doing wrong, or this feature currently broken?
Rusty Smith
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Re: Join Sessions

Post by Stuart »

Sounds like it's broken - I'll have a look at it.

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