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Post by jantar »

Hi Stuart,

Hope all goes well!

Is it possible to use ismarttrain with idisk rather than placing it on my home computers hard drive so I can access it when traveling?

Thanks for the help.


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Re: iDisk

Post by Stuart »

Hi Chris,
I haven't tried this yet (hoped to get time to try last weekend, but no...), but I don't see any reason why it won't work, although I'd expect it to be very slow.

If it works for you, let me know.



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Re: iDisk

Post by crankster »

Hi Chris,
did you get this to work?
I was thinking of the same thing.
I had planned to only keep the data file on iDisk however, I can't seem to find the datafile.
Stuart, you might be able to help here but where are the data files kept in V3?
I've looked at the preferences/advanced tab and noted the path and names but can't find them?

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