Lap Datas

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Lap Datas

Post by lvp »


I added a session with some lap data from a T3C monitor with the PCPod. the session appear in the diary, but there isn't any lap data (Data graph button and Data Table button are grayed). I tried also to import the .sdf file directly with File/Import data, but datas don't seems to be imported.

The lap section in my .sdf file is :


Have I missed something ?

Thanks for any help.



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Re: Lap Datas

Post by rayk »

I have the same issue: Importing exercises from the Suunto T3C doesn't seem to import the lap information.

PS: "lvp" thanks for the "Info.plist" workaround -- I needed to do that before I could see the correct port in the menu.

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Re: Lap Datas

Post by jaimieblagg »

This problem still appears to be happening as when I import the sdf file from Windows (as T3C won't connect!) I am not getting any lap data.

CHeers Jaimie

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