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making sure I'm "trying" it correctly

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:23 pm
by k2pooh
I'm hoping someone out there with the FR305 can hold my hand and correct me if I'm wrong somewhere in my failed attempts to upload my data. Here's what I've tried thus far: First I upload the data from my FR 305 to the Garmin Training Center. I then save one chosen workout as a .tcx file in my documents folder. Then I go over to ISMARTtrain click on import sessions, select Garmin TCX, the documents pages opens up, I select my saved .tcx file, click open, and then I get some error messages while trying to upload to ISMARTtrain (see prior posting). Am I doing something wrong here? Is there another way to upload the info? Can I go directly from my watch to ISMARTtrain or do I have to go through the Garmin Training Center? I have a 6 months of FR 305 info that I'd love to get into ISMARTtain so I'm also hoping there's a way to do a massive upload. But for now, I'd love to do just one.

Thanks for your input and hopeful assistance,