Polar S510 and soniclink

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Polar S510 and soniclink

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I downloaded the free version of iSMARTtrain to test it but could not download data from my Polar S510 HR monitor. I click "Start" then begin transmitting data from Polar but after the transmission is finished and I click "Finished" button an error message displays "SonicLink download failed. Please try again." I'm using MacBook and its internal microphone with the following microphone settings: 16bit @ 44100 Hz, compressor "raw". What might be the problem?


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Re: Polar S510 and soniclink

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I have successfully use a cs200 with my first-gen macbook pro, as well as with the new unibody model. On the old macbbok pro, I used the built-in microphone that is behind the left speaker grill rather than the one next to the isight. It is much easier to use as you can set the HRM on the computer itself. The new unibody only has a microphone up near the screen hinge on the left hand side, directly above the escape key. Here are the instructions that worked for me on the old macbook pro:

1) Open iSmartTrain
2) Click on the download button in the menu bar of the session diary
3) When asked, set your port to "Sonic Link" and your device to "cs200 (or whatever your device actually is) then say "OK."
4) A sonic link window pops up that says "waiting" in this window, select "Settings." These are the settings that work pretty well for me - I don' think they all matter that much, but one never knows....:

Preparing iSmartTrain:
Compression: none
Sample: 44.100 mhz
Size: 16 bits
Use: Mono
Source: built-in internal microphone
Speaker: off while recording
Volume: 50
Gain: 70
These settings will cause a little feedback, but no worries - with the mic off while recording, it does not interfere with the download.

5) Press "OK" to return back to the "Sonic Link waiting" window.

6) Preparing the monitor:
On the monitor, go to "connect" then press start. In the "send files" window, press the start button again, In the "send all" window, press next (I only have luck sending one file at a time) then, if you have more than one file, select the file that you would like to send by pressing "next" until you get to the one you want to transmit to iSmartTrain.

7) Now place the monitor near the very top of the left speaker grill. For the most consistent results I have found that the bottom of the monitor should align with the top of the tab key and be centered on the grill.

8) In the Sonic Link waiting window, press start. Give it a second, (the start button will gray out and it will say "recording") and then press "start" on the monitor.

9) You should see a little movement in the green activity bar on the left hand side of the interface as the monitor transmits its data.

10) At the end of the transmission, the monitor will emit a double high-low beep. Give iSmartTrain two or three seconds after this and then press "finished"

After a couple of seconds and a little feedback, the session should be entered into iSmartTrain. Using this method, I would say I have a success rate of about 4 out of 5 downloads, which was about similar to the last app I used for doing the same on a PC.

The only difference on the Unibody MacBook is that I use a gain of 50 and a volume of 100, seems to work better for some reason. Also, I place the HRM just above the esc key. I get rock solid results from this configuration.

Obviously it needs to be pretty quite when you are transfering - the slightest bit of noise trashes the download.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Polar S510 and soniclink

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The most important thing here that I've found is to do a trial run while in settings and to adjust the gain until you get plenty of green bars but no red bars. The wake up call for me was that you can't just peg the gain and go, you may have to turn the gain down depending on how you hold the HRM to the mic.

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