new hrm?

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new hrm?

Post by charlieclick »

hello all,

I would like to get a new heart rate monitor that will work with this site. I have a garmin forerunner 405 but it wont work with my mac because the drivers don't seem to be available for the usb stick.

I'm kinda interested in something like the polar RS800CX but would like to know if it's possible to download the data into this programme via my mac and if not are there other hrm's out there that are more suitable from either suunto or polar.

Kind regards,


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Re: new hrm?

Post by jfj »

Very relevant question. I second that. Also looking forward in time, where will the iSM upgrade path take us; i.e. what will be the best choice from an iSM "point of view"?!

Rusty Smith
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Re: new hrm?

Post by Rusty Smith »

Charlie - I use both a Polar S625x and a Polar cs200 - they both work great with iSmartTrain. Keep in mind if you decide to get one of the supported Polar HRMs that use USB to communicate with your Mac, you will have to find one of the old Polar Serial interfaces and use it with a serial to usb converter, OR use some flavor of Bootcamp/Paralells/VMware, etc. to download using the usb interface that comes with all current polar models.
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Re: new hrm?

Post by feleven »

FWIW, I've got VMWare 3.1 loaded onto my iMAC OSX 10.6.4, and then installed Win7 Home Prem X64 under VMWare. I can connect the MOS chip USB IR-USB interface to one of the MAC USB ports - then when I start the Win7 virtual machine, the IR unit starts to flash (its doesn't flash when the virtual machine is "off"). I can then run PPT5 in Win7, and communicate with the Polar S625X HRM through this IR interface successfully.

So if you've got a Mac and an old licensed Windows install CD/DVD you no longer use, for the price of VMWare (about C$90 around here), you can at least get the S625X data onto your MAC without much fuss.

Just confirming what Stuart wrote back in January: Windows + Polar software can communicate to the wrist unit connected to a standard IR-USB interface through a virtual machine running on the MAC.
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Re: new hrm?

Post by sirjemo »

FWIW my experience was to explore the various virtual routes (VWware, Parallels, Bootcamp) to using Polar. Generally very troublesome and in the end at best possible for download but not upload. I was using S520 via soniclink but needed to upgrade as it was getting old and erratic. Beware the higher end Polars - read a few of the concerns elsewhere on this forum.

Now running a Garmin Edge 500. A totally different experience on a mac. Instant download. Altitude, cadence and HRM all clear and works effortlessly with iST. On top of that iSTs new beta View > Route Map' instantly plots the ride on a HD map. Better maps than MapmyRide I think.

All that and cheaper than equivalent Polars. I'm not sorry to have moved.

Whatever you choose, I hope it works well for you.

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