Deleting files from Polar 725x watch

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Deleting files from Polar 725x watch

Post by JordanBack »

Hi there

I just purchased iSmarttrain and finally am able to download Polar files to my Mac, however, the only problem is I can’t seem to successfully delete files on the watch through the software. It says it’s deleting them from the watch after I add the files to the calender, but when I go back to my watch afterward the files are still there.

Any ideas?


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Re: Deleting files from Polar 725x watch

Post by psoldo »

Can't tell you the fix, but I have the same problem. When I check the box to delete after import, it messes the whole thing up. I simply delete all files with the watch only. Not sure if there is a bug or I'm doing something wrong. Everything else seems to work great. Just wish I could import using my CS600, as I've moved on to a new computer.

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