Polar USB and 720

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Polar USB and 720

Post by ames_ »

Hi there
I'm deciding whether or not to buy the iSMART, using the trial with my Polar 720, and I have a USB key IR polar thingie. I can't get it to download. Under the Polar download options it does not give the USB IR Key as an option for the port.

How can I download?

Mario Jr.
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Re: Polar USB and 720

Post by Mario Jr. »

Yes, I discovered that the iSmart does not support the Polar USB IR interface for some reason. That renders the program useless for me...

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Re: Polar USB and 720

Post by Stuart »

The reason is that there's no suitable Mac driver for the IR-USB2 interface, and the IR-USB interface (the white, flat one) isn't a true USB device.

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Re: Polar USB and 720

Post by jfj »

This is an issue that has been touched upon many, many times!

Several times, Stuart you have alluded to a possible solution to the Polar-USB-iSM issue, but months and years have passed, and (your potential) market consisting of people with the new Polar USB dongle must have grown tremendously.

I think the time has come again to ask if we can expect a solution within a reasonable time say some months, or will it not happen, being too difficult to develop OR possibly being made redundant due to new communications solutions.

I would really, really like to se an USB solution (and/or a Suunto solution) rather than work being invested into correcting minor bugs. I am sure that a lot of people would accept to pay an higher price to get such solution.

iSM is a very, very fine product, deserving a much wider distribution. I would hate to stop using it due to this missing "diamond in the crown".

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