new to V 3.0; calculating speed, HR zone display

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new to V 3.0; calculating speed, HR zone display

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I've been using iSmartTrain 2.0 for awhile now, just upgraded to v. 3.0. I've been using a Polar 520 all along.

However, I've had two problems in v 3.0 that I was hoping y'all could help me with.

1) It used to be that after I downloaded my HR info from my watch to iSmartTrain, I tweaked my total running time. (I usually let the timer run into my cool-down time) and then v 2.0 would recalculate my speed accordingly.

But v 3.0 doesn't seem to do the math for me.

2) The latest run I downloaded to v 3.0 doesn't show the HR zones. All my old v 2.0 files used to show a nice bar in the right-hand notes section color-coding the zones I was in. And when I uploaded those files to v 3.0, they show there too. But my latest run, uploaded to v 3.0, does not show this.

Help? Thanks!

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