Polar S610 Import Issues

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Polar S610 Import Issues

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I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems importing data from the S610. I am importing using the Polar IR interface and the recommended Keyspan USA-19HS Serial/USB adaptor. HR data seems to come in OK, but User/Watch data in Manage Device seem to be off a 'byte' or two. Specifically, I consistently experience:

1.) Name is correct
2.) Weight on watch is 185, on the screen - 84
3.) Date of Birth is fine
4.) User Hight is off... on watch it is 5'10", but iSmart displays 14'10" in the 'feet' field. The inches field is blank.
5.) The rest of the user data on that tab appears correct

1.) I can change exercises on the tab, but apparently they are not exported (send via-IR) back to the watch properly. When I Read via-IR the original data from the watch is displayed.

All other fields in the device settings appear OK (Time, Logo, etc.)

Thanks for any insight and help!

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