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RS400, Mac OS 10... and IR USB2

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:19 pm
by Giovanni
I have 3 Macs at home and just received a beautiful present: the RS400 from Polar with relative infrared port USB adapter.

After few hours of Internet searching, I have come to a terrible realisation, which to you sound probably the most obvious thing ever: Polar does not support MAC .... WHAT....??
I am really cross with this company, (Polar), how can such a big and important company make "almost a commitment", not to support MAC ...!!??
Not to mention Microsoft.... I have no intention to buy Microsoft: neither software, to double boot or have parallel desk top on my MAC, nor buy a Microsoft based desk top/laptop just for my training.

Is there any work around?

Reported issues related to the RS800, shown on this discussion board, have same relevance to my RS 400 and the dam USB adapter?

Your product looks really good but I need to make it work with my RS400