iSMARTtrain V4.1.2 Beta 1 Released

The first Beta for V4.1.2 is out – this is mainly a bug fix release.

  • Fixed Bug showing data in Data Graph
  • Better handling of SRM PC8 Lap Data
  • Better display of map for sessions where GPS data is missing or corrupt
  • Deleting section of a session now works better
  • Improved importing of tcx sessions

Download from Any problems or questions, just let me know

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Deleting Portions of a Session

In V4.1.1, a new feature allowing you to delete sections of a session was introduced. This is useful, if, like me, you sometimes forget to stop your Garmin after a ride, and it records the drive home as part of your data.
To delete a section, simply select the area in the ‘Data Graph’ view (drag the mouse with the shift key held down), and click on the ‘Cut’ icon in the details box. The selected area will then be deleted from your session.

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iSMARTtrain V4.1.1 Released

Version 4.1.1 is FINALLY released today – download from, or use ‘Check for Updates’ in the App. This is mainly a bug-fix release, with improved handling of manually entered sessions and better downloading from Garmin and SRM PC8 devices.

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iSMARTtrain V4.1 Released

Finally, we’ve released iSMARTtrain V4.1. This new version includes several new analysis graphs, improved swim tracking and many bug fixes.

Power-Duration Graph

Power-Duration Graph shows the maximum average power for each duration from one second up the duration of the session.

Power Duration

Force-RPM Graph

Force-RPM Graph is based on a concept by Dr Andrew Coggan and shows the force on the pedals and rotation speed of the cranks for each data point recorded. The graph has four quadrants:

  • The top right is high cadence and high force. Sprint efforts are in this area.
  • The top left is low cadence and high force. Accelerations from stopped in a big gear are in here.
  • The bottom left is low cadence and low force. Recovery rides and easy spinning are mainly in this area.
  • The bottom right is high cadence and low force. A time-trial effort generally be this area.
Force RPM
It’s a free upgrade to existing V4 users.

Upgrade from or the Mac App Store

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iSMARTtrain V4.1 Beta 10 Released

Beta 10’s out today – this fixes an issue where users weren’t asked to save a newly-created document quiting iSMARTtrain – this only affected users with Mac OS 10.12.

Download from

As always, any problems or questions, please let me know –

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Pool Swims in iSMARTtrain

One of the improvements we’d made in V4.1 is how data from pool swims is displayed. Data from devices such as the Garmin Swim, Forerunner 910xt, 920xt & 735xt is displayed as in the screen-shot below.

Each length is shown as a bar, the length of which represents the time for that length. The X-Axis shows the duration of the swim session, and any rests between lengths are shown as gaps between the bars. Clicking on the bar displays the details for the particular length, such as SWOLF, Stroke Count and duration.

The latest beta for V4.1 can be downloaded from


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iSMARTtrain V4.1 Beta 6 Released

V4.0.1 Beta 6 is out tonight. 

Download from

  • Can now hide Garmin devices managed by ANT Agent & Garmin Express in the left-hand panel by right-clicking
  • Added ‘-‘ button to delete items from Manage Sports, Equipment & Keyword Windows
  • Improved the drawing of the Calendar View
  • Pool Swims now show individual lengths on Data Graph with popover for details of each length

Any problems/questions with the beta, please email me –

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New Power Analysis Graphs in V4.1

We’re currently beta testing V4.1 of iSMARTtrain. In this release, we’ve added two new features related to cycling power analysis. To try out the beta version, visit our beta site.

Power Duration Graph

Power Duration Graph

The Power-Duration graph shows the maximum power averaged for each given amount of time. It scans through your session, finding your maximum one-second power, two-second power, etc., right up to the session duration.

How do I use this info

You can use this graph to discover your maximum average power for a given interval. For instance, to find your power for a 5 minute interval, simple move the cursor along the graph to the 5 minute point, and you’ll see your average power for that period.

What options are there

The graph can show just a single session, or it can show a range of sessions by using the filter button in the toolbar to filter by date range or sport.


Force/Power Graph

Power Force Graph

This graph divides the session data into low cadence/low power, low cadence/high power, high cadence/low power & high cadence/high power areas. Each sector shows the percentage of the total ride time spent in this quadrant. The concept for this was developed by Dr. Andrew Coggan.

How do I use this info

This graph lets you see if you pedal stroke is more of a ‘spinner’ or a ‘masher’ for a given ride. You’ll also see a difference depending on the type of ride or terrain. The percentage of total time is shown for each quadrant

What options are there

The dividing line for power is set to user’s FTP, but can be changed; dividing line for cadence is set to 80 rpm, but can also be changed.

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iSMARTtrain V4.0.9 Release

V4.0.9 is released this evening. This version has a couple of enhancements and fixes a few bugs, as detailed below:

  • Fixed crash importing V3.0 files
  • Now correctly shows TRIMP on Session Graph
  • No longer crashes with ‘Could not merge changes’ error
  • Now allows line breaks in Session Notes & Route description
  • Fixed crash when FTDI devices (Joule, SRM PC7) are unplugged
  • Now imports laps from SRM PC8 files correctly
  • Now correctly handles manually entered HR Zone times

Download from:

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iSMARTtrain V4.0.8 Released

V4.0.8 is released today. This release fixes a couple of issues with Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) where iSMARTtrain had some problems accessing resources on the internet.

You might need to update to this release manually by visiting, if the ‘Check for Updates’ option doesn’t show that an update is available.

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