Changes to the Way RS200 & CS200 Data is Handled

As you’re probably aware, the Polar RS200 & CS200 don’t store all the HR data from your session, like the Polar ‘S’ series of HRMs do. This means that iSMARTtrain can’t analyse your data in the same way as it can when it has complete session data, instead relying on the zone time data downloaded from the device. In previous releases of iST, we’ve assumed that your CS200 or RS200 has the same user (i.e. Max HR & Resting HR) and Zone settings as iSMARTtrain.

We’ve changed the way this works for Beta 29. Now, we use the Zone settings read from the HRM, rather than using the User’s settings in iSMARTtrain. For the RS200, we have 5 zones, defined as the ‘SportZones’ on the device. For the CS200, we have 3 zones – the target zone, and the zones above and below this. The TRIMP value is still calculated using the zone weights in the User settings, as before. We also now use the Max and Resting HR values from the device.

This will mean that the HR Zones window will show your HR Zones as the data on your HRM. Hopefully, this should prevent some of the confusion that some of our CS200 & RS200 users have had.

We’ll probably use the same setup when we add support for the Suunto T3 & T4, as these don’t store all the session data either.

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