iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 24 Release

Beta 24 of iSMARTtrain is now available. Download from the usual place –

We’re getting pretty close to the final release now, with only a few known bugs to fix – please let us know if you find any bugs in this release.

This release requires a valid serial number – V2.0 serial numbers are valid. For the remainder of the Beta period, we’ve held the price at $39.95/€34.95/£23.95. You can buy a serial number here – Mac or PC

Fixes include:

  • Ergomo Download now has correct distance units for Imperial units
  • Now correctly saves V3.0 Serial Number alongside V2.0.x Serial Number
  • On First Run, now shows dialog with options to import V2.0 data or use sample data
  • Now imports data from Polar PPP Software
  • Export as XML now has correct export dates.
  • Fixed crash when double-clicking on .hrm, .srm or .csv file
  • [Windows]No longer looses seconds from duration when editting a session.

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