iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 23 Release

Here’s the latest release of V3.0 – Beta 23. Download from the usual place –

We’re getting pretty close to the final release now, with only a few known bugs to fix – please let us know if you find any bugs in this release.

Fixes include:

  • Can now export sessions as SRM Files
  • Can now Export Session as PowerTap csv Files
  • When a new Keyword is added, a value for it can now be added to already existing sessions
  • After editing readings on ‘Data Graph’ to remove peak value, Max HR in summary area is now updated
  • ‘Logging Transactions’ no longer causes a crash on Mac OS X
  • Export as HRM file now works correctly
  • Can now drag-and-drop files for importing onto the Main Window
  • Average Speed is now shown in correct place on HR Graph.
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