iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 22 Release

Here’s the latest release of V3.0 – Beta 22. Download from the usual place –

This release includes some fixes for some CS200 problems, and a fix for a crash which occurs when managing the settings of the SRM Power Unit. Other fixes include:

  • CS200 no longer sometimes reports duration incorrectly
  • CS200 Download now correctly shows HR when % of Max is set on monitor
  • Selecting ‘Manage Hardware’ with SRM no longer causes crash
  • Lap Intervals now draw in correct position when ‘Show Lap Averages’ is selected
  • ‘Data Window’ now shows sign for negative Altitudes
  • When an imported XML File adds a new user, the user is now shown in the ‘Current User’ submenu
  • Imported XML files now add sports to database
  • Imported iSMARTtrain XML File now has altitude data
  • Imported iSMARTtrain XML File now has correct time for each reading
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