iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 21 Release

Here’s the latest release of V3.0 – Beta 21. Download from the usual place –

One of the fixes is to cure a bug where the units for the downloaded data are incorrect (i.e. distance and speed is km & km/hr, but the software shows it as miles & miles/hr). The problem can be fixed for sessions already downloaded by using the ‘Data Units for Distance & Speed’ button on the ‘Summary’ tab of the ‘Edit Session’ dialog.

Fixes include:

  • Distance and speed data no longer shows values as km but units as miles
  • No longer crashes When Printing HR Graph
  • Ergomo Download no longer fails with only 1 sesson in the device
  • Attempting to download from empty Ergomo device no longer causes crash
  • No longers crashes when deleting sessions from Ergomo
  • Ergomo, Hardware Settings – Changing Time format now works correctly
  • Downloading from S610 & S625x devices no longer causes the first reading to be lost
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