iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 19 Release

Here’s the latest release of V3.0 – Beta 19. Download from the usual place –

Fixes include:

  • Ergomo, Hardware Settings – Changing Date format now works correctly
  • Ergomo, Hardware Settings – Changing Time format now works correctly
  • Deleting Sessions is no longer very Slow
  • [Windows] Now Supports ‘All’ downloads from CS200
  • Average & Maximum HR in Summary Area are no longer wrong for R-R Sessions
  • When changing the ‘Sport’ for a session to a sport with different units, the data is now updated
  • SonicLink download now save settings (input source, etc)
  • % VO2 Max in Data Graph is no onger always zero
  • Drag-and-dropping .hrm files onto the open window now correctly imports them
  • Totals, Sessions Graph & Calendar Window now correctly show data

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