iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 17 Release

Tonight sees the release of Beta 17. Download from the usual place –

Bug fixes include:

  • GPS Data are now saved when data is exported as xml
  • HR Zones are no longer always recalculated on closing ‘Edit User’ dialog even if no
  • changes have been made to the HR Settings
  • Export Session to XML now works for ‘Selection’
  • Last reading when downloading from Polar HRMs is no longer always zero
  • Main Window no longer opens too high on the screen
  • Import of Garmin tcx files no longer fails if the data has no device type tag
  • Data Distributions graphs are no longer blank for Data sessions with no Interval (i.e. Garmin GPS)
  • GPS Data is now saved for GPX Files downloaded using LoadMyTracks
  • Double-Clicking on Session in ‘Downloaded Sessions’ Window causes no longer causes crash
  • Deleting several sessions at once in List View no longer causes crash
  • Ergomo downloads no longer shows metric data as imperial
  • Downloading more than one Ergomo Session causes no longer session to have wrong distance
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