iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 14 Release

Beta 14 has been released a bit quicker than I’d anticipated, due to a bug we introduced in Beta 13 where all the import options were greyed out. Download from Any problems, comments, etc., please email me, or post here –
Fixes/Additions as Follows:

  • ‘Totals’ window is now faster to open
  • Summary Column now shows distance in correct units
  • In List View, line between weeks now falls on correct date
  • Import Options are not longer greyed out
  • Can now Add New Route from Add Session Dialog
  • Can now unselect an equipment item in the ‘Sessions’ dialog
  • When adding two equipment items, the name of the first is no longer lost when the second is added
  • Time separator no longer missing for times & durations for some international settings
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