iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 13 with Ergomo Support

Ergomo ProBeta 13 of iSMARTtrain was released last night. The main new feature is support for downloading from Ergomo Pro power meter. As usual, this has been tested only by myself, so please let me know of any bugs, problems, etc.

Another new feature is the import of Garmin Training Center .tcx and .hst file. In this release we only support .tcx V2 files, which are created by the most recent release of the Mac version of Training Center. Also supported are gpx files, which can be download from a garmin deivce using LoadMyTracks ( Eventually (probably V3.1), we hope to support direct downloading from the Garmin devices.

Download the latest beta from Any problems, comments, etc., please email me, or post here –
Other fixes and additions are as follows

  • Support for Ergomo Pro
  • Now imports files from Garmin Training Centre (.tcx V2 & .hst)
  • SRM Sessions now show correct duration in Add Sessions Dialog box
  • Session Duration is now shows correct time for time separators other than :
  • Equipment useage totals are now correct
  • Filter now works correctly for dates
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