Ultimate Triathlete Hypnosis CD

Ultimate Triathlete CDTowards the end of last year, I heard about Ultimate Sports Psychology’s range of CD through the FredCast podcast. This is a series of CDs designed to improve motivation and performance for cyclists, triathletes & athletes using hypnosis techniques developed by Dr Rick Collingwood.

Since one of my big problems with my training is motivation, I decided to look further at these. With the price being only $34.99 and a very favourable Dollar-Pound exchange rate, I had little to loose. The CD is either downloadable or available on a physical CD. I choose the download option and popped the two mp3 files onto my iPod.

The first file is a general introduction to the CD, with notes on how to use it, and details of the various hypnosis techniques used. The second file contains the actual hypnosis session, lasting about 55 minutes. The instructions are to list to both tracks for the first 6 days, then to listen to the second track for the next 30 days, which is exactly what I did. I listened to the CD when I went to bed, and I was usually asleep within minutes of the start of second, hypnosis, track.

Has it worked? Well, I can’t say there’s been any one great improvement that I can put my finger on, but my motivation seems to have improved, and I’ve consistently run 3 times a week since the start of the year – up until then, I was laid up with an Achilles Tendon injury. Also, I’ve rarely slept as well as I did on the nights I listened to the CD while sleeping.

Would I recommend it? Certainly – it’s less than the cost of a good tyre, and could improve your motivation & performance.

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