iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 12 Released

Download from Any problems, comments, etc., please email me, or post here –
Fixes/Additions as Follows:

  • Apostrophe in ‘Notes’ no longer causes “Incomplete SQL Statement” Error
  • SRM no longer shows session less than minimum durection in Add Sessions Dialog Box
  • Keywords entered for current day now show on Keywords Graph
  • Data Table no longer shows LR Balance & PI columns for SRM Downloads
  • HR Zones Button in ‘Distribution’ Window now correctly clears the state of the other buttons
  • SRM Laps are now imported
  • Distribution Graph Y-Axis is now of correct length when ‘Include Zeros’ is checked off
  • Manual Download from Polar S Series no longer fails with “unrecognized monitor type monitor = 0”
  • Sessions entered on 29th, 30th or 31st January now end up on correct dates
  • SRM sessions now have correct interval when downloaded
  • Data Graph now shows correct exercise set number & name
  • Preferences Window now opens on correct Tab when Data Graph Toolbar Button is pressed
  • Preferences Window now opens on correct Tab when Distribution Graph Toolbar Button is pressed
  • SRM Sessions have now have correct year when downloaded
  • Changing Default Sport now shows sport in ‘Bold’ in Manage Sports dialog
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