iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 11 Released with Suunto T6 Support

Beta 11 of iSMARTtrain has been released today. The main new feature is support for downloading from Suunto T6. This has been tested only by myself, so please let me know of any bugs, problems, etc. A driver for the T6 interface cable is required and can be downloaded from Since we’re getting close to releasing V3.0, T6 support may have to be rolled over to V3.1, depending on how stable it is.

Download from Any problems, comments, etc., please email me, or post here –

Other fixes/Additions as follows:

  • Added a dialog box to the ‘Export as XML’ frunction to choose what to export
  • Changed .HRM file import to support RS800, RS400 & AXN devices
  • First Week of 2007 no longer shows as Week 0 in Session Graph
  • Crash information now shows the current version of the software
  • Change Tabbed preferences to use toolbar
  • Adding Multiple Keywords no longer causes names to be lost of all but last name entered
  • HR Graph now saves position
  • Contextual menu item for “Graph Preferences” is now functional
  • Preferences – ‘Use Scrollwheel for Zooming’ checkbox now retains its setting
  • Redesigned ‘Overlay’ dialog for the HR Graph
  • First Column of Manage Keywords Listbox is now hidden
  • Sessions Graph – Date format on the X-Axis is now same as set in System Preferences
  • Sessions Graph – The y-axis numbers are no longer garbled in the first decimal place
  • Set Current User menu no longer shows incorrect users
  • Added space at end of HR graph
  • Choosing Route no longer looses session distance
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