Suunto T6

Suunto T6Just after Christmas, I got a Suunto T6 & Footpod, with a view to adding it to iSMARTtrain. I’ve had a chance to play around with it for a couple of weeks now, and compare it to my Polar S625x that I used almost exclusively before. I still haven’t got around to getting a bike sensor, so I’ve only used the speed/distance feature for running. Here’s my initial comparisons of the two devices – I’ll update this post as I become more familiar with the T6.

What the T6 does Better than the S625x (in no particular order)

  • User replaceable batteries in the watch and the HR strap.
  • Nicer design – not a nice as the Timex Bodylink, but more compact than the S625x.
  • Coded Footpad – no problems running with other footpod users.
  • 2 second recording interval, and R-R HR Data.
  • Ease of downloading – just connect the cable.
  • EPOC and VO2 – these are calculated from the RR data, and displayed in the software, but I’m not sure of their usefulness yet.

What the S625x does Better than the T6 (again, in no particular order)

  • Better strap – I found the T6 strap a little difficult to fasten.
  • No power option for cycling – it uses ANT, the new PowerTap uses ANT – why can’t they talk to each other? (actually, I think we’re more likely to see Garmin go down this route…).
  • More comfortable HR strap. The T6 one is more like the older Polar T31 design.
  • Price – £229 for S625x with Bike sensor & Footpod Vs £337 for a similar T6 setup.
  • Include software (Polar PP) is nicer than the included Suunto software.

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