Moved Blog to WordPress

As you can see, we’ve moved our blog from Blogger to WordPress. This proved to be a fairly painless operation, even importing our old posts from blogger’s setup.

The only thing I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to set categories for the posts. I’ve setup the categories, but there’s no option in the ‘Write Post’ page to actually set the category. There’s a ‘Web 2.0’ type button called ‘Categories’ on the right-hand side that I can drag about the page, but it doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ anywhere or give me any options.

Any ideas?

Edit: Thanks to Rusty Smith, problem fixed – looks like Safari doesn’t play too well with WordPress. The ‘+’ sign next to the categories button isn’t visible, but floating the cursor over the button will change it to a ‘Finger’ when it’s over the active area.

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