Differences between CS200 & RS200

Spent a bit of time over the weekend with our new CS200 cycling HRM, comparing it to the RS200 running HRM that we’ve had for a while now. I’d expected the two to be more-or-less the same, regarding features, etc., other than the obvious cycling & running features. However, looks like I was wrong. The CS200, with only 1 HR Zone setting, is more restrictive in its HR analysis than the RS200 with 5 zones. Both models report the time below, within and above the zone(s). The RS200 will also display your zone time in a little bar graph on its screen.

From an iSMARTtrain point-of-view, this means we’ll be able to calculate a more accurate TRIMP value from the RS200 than from the CS200, and be able to provide better feedback as regards time spent in particular HR Zones.

I used the CS200 for the first time on Saturday, and, despite my concerns about the bike mount, I managed not to loose it. I DID manage to loose my cadence magnet though, which is a bit strange, considering it’s a super-strong rare-earth magnet mounted on the pedal axle…

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