Polar CS200

Got my new CS200 today that I’ve bought to help get CS & RS200 downloading working with V3.0. Initial impressions of it are that it looks a bit like a glorified cycling computer, which, I suppose, is what it is. The mounting for the computer onto the handlebars doesn’t look too substantial, but time will tell. It’s an expensive piece of kit to lose if it falls off – one of the riders in Lanzarote with us earlier this year lost his cycling computer when it fell off and hit the wheel of another rider, catapulting it into the lava fields somewhere, never to be found – not TOO big a deal for a £20 computer, but I’d hate for that to happen to a £90 CS200! Hopefully, I’ll get this mounted on my bike in the next day-or-so, and get some sample data at the weekend, weather permitting.

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