iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 4 Released

We’ve finally got the next beta of iSMARTtrain finished and uploaded to our site today.

For a start, there’s no changes to the RS200 or CS200 code, so, if you’re having problems with either of these, wait for the next beta! There’s a couple of reasons for this – but mainly because I’m injured and can’t run at the moment, so I haven’t got any new data to test with.

We’ve also improved the start-up time of the application, and made some changes to the time taken to open the ‘Edit Session’ window, although this still isn’t fast enough.

We’ve made extensive changes to the equipment handing code, so if you rely on this feature, you’ll have to re-import your data from V2.0, as some of the problems were at the import stage.

Other Changes:

  • ‘HR Graph’ Toolbar Button is now disabled for Sessions from CS200 & RS200
  • When creating a new database, TRIMP Weight Values are no longer 0
  • Distance now shown correctly in ‘Edit session’ dialog
  • Can now change Units in ‘Edit/Add Session’ dialog
  • Changing ‘Sport’ in ‘Add/Edit Session’ dialog no longer causes distance to be set to 0
  • Equipment Used in a session is no longer lost when importing V2.0 file
  • Distance for Equipment Use now correctly calculated in ‘Manage Equipment’ Dialog
  • Units for Equipment is now imported correctly from V2.0 Logs
  • Added Option to allow the width of the Data Graph line to be specified
  • HR Zones in DataGraph are no longer shifted up slightly when drawn
  • Can now clear a selection on the HR Graph – Can now click on graph window to clear
  • Buttons for Graphs & Diary now always bring an existing window to the front
  • Changed Sessions Graph title to ‘Sessions Graph’ instead of ‘Graph’
  • Made Columns in ‘Manage Equipment’ Sizeable
  • Sessions Graph for Distance now converts units
  • Fixed crash when Overlaying Sessions if there’s no Power data
  • Ascent is now shown in HR Graph Summary
  • Made 5 the first option for the Speed Graph axis start point.
  • Month view isn’t refreshed after delete
  • Ascent is no longer Wrong/Missing on HR Graph summary
  • Deleting Session now Delete Lap Times associated with it
  • Can now edit keyword values in existing sessions
  • Fixed (partially) slow opening Session Window to edit a session
  • Apple-A now selects all the rows in Data Table

As always, download a copy from and either email or post in the forum about any problems/comments, etc.

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