Converting iSMARTtrain HRM Files to Windows

Some of our users use one of the many on-line training resources, such as Training Peaks (, or send data to their coaches for analysing of their training. These generally work by sending Polar format .hrm files of their session data. However, one problem faced by many is that the files won’t be imported correctly, as they’ve been created on a Mac, and the software the coach is using expects files created on a PC. The problem’s caused by each system using different characters to indicate the end of a line of text.

However, Trance Software ( have come to the rescue with a piece of software called ‘LineBreak‘ that provides a drag-and-drop solution to this problem. To use, simply export the sessions from iSMARTtrain, then drop them onto the LineBreak window. Once the software has done it’s job, the files will have Windows compatible line endings.

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