iSMARTtrain V4.1 Released

Finally, we’ve released iSMARTtrain V4.1. This new version includes several new analysis graphs, improved swim tracking and many bug fixes.

Power-Duration Graph

Power-Duration Graph shows the maximum average power for each duration from one second up the duration of the session.

Power Duration

Force-RPM Graph

Force-RPM Graph is based on a concept by Dr Andrew Coggan and shows the force on the pedals and rotation speed of the cranks for each data point recorded. The graph has four quadrants:

  • The top right is high cadence and high force. Sprint efforts are in this area.
  • The top left is low cadence and high force. Accelerations from stopped in a big gear are in here.
  • The bottom left is low cadence and low force. Recovery rides and easy spinning are mainly in this area.
  • The bottom right is high cadence and low force. A time-trial effort generally be this area.
Force RPM
It’s a free upgrade to existing V4 users.

Upgrade from or the Mac App Store

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