Device Testing iSMARTtrain V4


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4 Responses to Device Testing iSMARTtrain V4

  1. mark peeters says:

    Can’t wait to see 4.0 Steward!

  2. RobotPenguin says:

    What? Something is happening? I’d finally reached the point of assuming that iSMARTtrain was dead and have been looking for alternatives. Sorry for the snark, but I’d really like to move on to a device more recent than my decrepit 11 year old Polar. I’d love to stay with iSMARTtrain. If the product is still alive, give us an ETA for the update and what devices it will support.

    • tevendale says:

      No ETA yet – hoping to open the beta testing up to more users later this month – at the moment, I’m using a handful of testers to hopefully get the majority of bugs ironed out.

      V4.0 will support all the Garmin devices, Cycleops Joule & Cervo, SRM PC V, VI & VII and all the Polar devices that V3 supported. I hope to support the newer Polar devices and the Suunto ones, but this may be through their websyncing software.


      • Jörg Fimpel-Janning says:

        Will V4.0 go with my “Polar RC3GPS”? I’m looking for a software like iSMARTtrain! Can you send me a message, when it’s ready?

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