SRMs Finally Fitted

Finally got the new SRM cranks fitted to my Giant TCR at the weekend. It was a bit of a major task as I had to replace the existing Octalink bottom bracket with a HollowLink one to match the Dura-Ace based SRM crankset. Fitting the crank sensor in the correct location was a bit tricky, but all-in-all, it was easier to setup than the Polar system.

My current Polar power system is still fitted, so it’ll be interesting to get some comparison between the two setups.

All I need now is some decent weather (there’s still snow on the hills here) so that I can get some sample data and start integrating the SRMs into iSMARTtrain. Hopefully, this shouldn’t be too difficult a task as most of the infrastructure to handle the SRM data is already in place in the current development version.

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