iSMARTtrain V4.0 Beta 16 Released

V4.0 Beta 16 is released tonight. We’re getting pretty close to final release now, so please let me have any bugs you find or questions that you have.¬†

Download from

Known Bugs in this release

  • Garmin Forerunner 205, 301, 305 & Edge 205 & 205 downloads don’t work
  • CycleOps Joule downloads may fail downloading multiple sessions in one go

Fixes in this Release

  • List View Columns now scale as Window size changes
  • Improved Analytics reporting
  • Distribution Graph now shows HRZones on first run
  • New device images
  • UI improvements for Calendar View
  • Now refreshes calendar when a session is deleted
  • >Now correctly identifies Multisport sessions in summary listing
  • Improvements to PowerTap Cervo Downloading
  • Fixed crash with .fit files that contain no data from Garmin devices
  • Speed is now calculated correctly
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