iSMARTtrain V4.0 Beta 15 Released

V4.0 Beta 15 is released today. We’re getting pretty close to final release now, so please let me have any bugs you find or questions that you have. Hopefully, I’ll manage to support the older Garmin Forerunner 205, 301, 305 & Edge 205 & 205 devices fully supported before final release.

Download fromĀ

Known Bugs in this release

  • Garmin Forerunner 205, 301, 305 & Edge 205 & 205 downloads don’t work
  • CycleOps Joule downloads may fail downloading multiple sessions in one go

Fixes in this release

  • Sync Button animation now looks correct on Yosemite
  • Improvements to Polar downloads
  • Now shows sessions that have already been downloaded form SRM PC7 & CycleOps Joule devices
  • Fixed alignment of time/duration strings so that they are now left-aligned
  • Totals View now shows climb in units matching distance
  • Distribution Graph options are now correctly enabled and disabled, depending on the data types present in the session
  • Added option in Preferences to set units used for Grand Totals row in Totals panel
  • Period Totals are now correct for mixed units of distance
  • Now correctly shows speed when non-metric units are selected
  • Fixed crash showing laps for SRM PC7
  • Now has custom icons for Lap Markers on Map View
  • Now calculates temperature for session (average) if session has temperature data but average temperature is not present in downloaded data
  • Now calculates calories burned from Power data if figure is missing from downloaded data
  • Now imports SRM PC7 sessions with sport set to Cycling
  • Fixed bug where some SRM PC7 sessions showed 0:00:00 for duration
  • Now displays TRIMP value based on preference set in User HR Zones Panel
  • Now shows TSS, NP & IF in Session Details Popover
  • Now asks for retry if no response is received from Joule GPS
  • Session Detail popup now has ‘-‘ instead of ‘Label’ for textfields when it initially opens
  • Totals Panel now shows units for Ascent
  • Lap markers now show when Data Graph is initially displayed
  • Now filters out sessions less that 30 seconds long for SRM PC7
  • SRM & Joule sessions no longer have a table cell named ‘Table View Cell’
  • Fixed crash when closing app after using a serial device
  • Added support for PowerTap Cervo
  • Back button now works on Map View

Any problems with the beta or questions, please email me –

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