Back from Lanzarote

Back from Lanzarote, and finally got around to writing about our time at Club La Santa. Weather was excellent apart from one day with really heavy rain and gale force winds. One thing I wasn’t expecting were the hills! It was a 20 – 30 minute climb on the bike from Club La Santa until we reached anything resembling flat. The last day’s ride to Memés was really hard. The climb up to the cafe just gets steeper and steeper. There were really strong headwinds on the return leg, and, after 3:20 in the saddle (my longest ride for a long, LONG time), I had to call it a day and go home in the support car, as Will, our instructor, was concerned that I wouldn’t make it home before the light started to give out.

Anyway, it was a throughly enjoyable week, and we’ve got it pencilled into our diary for next year.
Totals for the week:

Cycling 4 144.1 km 7:25:07
Running 3 2:24:22
Swimming 6 6:10:00
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