iSMARTtrain V4.0 Beta 10 Released

V4.0 Beta 10 is released today, just in time for xmas.

The changes & new features are as follows:

  • Added ‘Reveal in Finder’ button to show the device folder for Garmin ANT Agent/
  • Garmin Express Devices or Garmin USB Devices
  • Header checkbox now matches the state of the checkboxes for the rows
  • Can now zoom in and out in Data Graph again
  • Imported sports now have correct speed units
  • Added new Document class for BSManagedDocument-based docs
  • Improved error reporting when importing files
  • Now downloads and imports Polar S Series Data
  • Now shows units in the header for each column of the Laps Tables
  • Now shows Swim metrics for sessions imported from Garmin devices
  • Enhancements to Joule GPS Downloads
  • Download view now animates
  • Back button now works again
  • Distribution Graph now animates correctly if its the first Data Graph chosen for a session
  • Fixed resizing issues with add-in Toolbars and Page Control when resizing window
  • Distribution Graph Toolbar is now correctly positioned when window is resized
  • Stopped Distribution Graph from drawing twice on Mavericks
  • HR Graph and Distribution Graph Toolbars now work correctly
  • Fixed crash when swiping beyond last data panel
  • Swiping Left and Right now changes data panels
  • Fixed resizing issues with calendar view
  • Fixed issue with Calendar View not (re)drawing correctly
  • UI now has animation
  • Changes for compatibility with iOS Version
  • Now supports drag-and-drop to import files

One major change is the move to a new file format – see the blog post ( for details of how to convert your existing data files to the new format

Download from

Any problems with the beta or questions, please email me –

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