New File Format for Beta 10

In Beta 10, we’ve moved from using a flat file format to a bundle. There’s various reasons for this, including compatibility with the forthcoming iOS version.

You’ll need to convert any existing documents you have to the new file format as follows:

  1. Open the existing file in iSMARTtrain
  2. Select ‘Export to JSON’ from the file menu. Save the file that’s created and make a note of its location. By default, it’ll have the same name as the file you’re exporting.
  3. Create a new document by selecting ‘New’ from the ‘File’ menu. This document will be in the file format.
  4. Select ‘Import from JSON’ from the file menu and select the file you created in step 2.
  5. The data from the old-format document will be importing into the new document.

To tell if a document is in the new or old file format, look at the file extension (this may be hidden). It’ll be ‘.db’ for an old-format file, and ‘.istdb’ for a new-format one.

As always, if you got any questions/problems, let me know –

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