iSMARTtrain V4.0 Beta 6 Released

V4.0 Beta 6 is released today, just in time for the new year.

HR Zones and Power Zones table no longer draw black cells in empty rows
Added ‘Include Zeros’ option for Distribution Graph
Distribution Graph now shows % of total time for each bar
Distribution Graph now has option to change the bar width
Sessions Graph Popover now adjusts text positions to accommodate longest sport name
Y-Axis has better annotation when ‘Count’ is displayed
Data Graph now shows indicator line tracking mouse cursor, with data details at top of graph
Data Graph now shows altitude plot as a solid, if option is selected in Prefereces
Data Graph now has Axis titles on X-Axis
No longer draws Calendar View sessions with a black background
Month name no longer has cropped descenders
Fixed alignment issues in Manual Entry dialog
Average HR, TRIMP, Climb and Calories now show ‘-‘ if there’s no data
Now downloads from SRM PC7 on Mavericks with built-in FTDI Driver
Refreshes device list if a Garmin Mass-Storage type device is removed
Fixed bug where SRM PC7 sessions with an interval of less than 1 second won’t download
Now imports .SRM files

Download from

Any problems with the beta or questions, please email me –

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