iSMARTtrain V4.0 Beta 5 Released

V4.0 Beta 5 is out today. Fixes included:

  • Fixed import of V3.0 files with multiple users
  • Improved import of V3.0 Files
  • Added a Daily Metric to Calendar view which can be graphed on Keywords Graph
  • Now downloads laps correctly from SRM PC6 & 7
  • SRM PC6 & PC7 now shows correct duration of sessions
  • Changes for FTDI-based devices (PowerTap Cervo, SRM PowerControl) for 10.9
  • Fixed problem where data graph crashed when no altitude data was present
  • Now shows value popup for distribution graphs
  • Improvements to Region Selection on Data Graph
  • Fixed crash where a session that does not have a sport defined, or the sport has been deleted, caused a crash
  • Can now download data from PowerTap Cervo
  • Totals View now works correctly
  • Calendar View now displays placeholder for each session on correct date
  • Now correctly presents Distribution Graph full screen
  • Various fixes for forthcoming iOS Release.

Any problems with the beta, especially with importing files form V3.0, please email me –

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